What is a Mathletics Competition?

A Mathletics Competition is a fun-filled maths challenge that will inspire and engage pupils of all abilities. It will create an excitement and enthusiasm for maths in your school like you have never seen before! Pupils use the award-winning website, Mathletics, to compete against their peers and other children from all around the world. The questions focus on improving mental arithmetic skills as well as reinforcing concepts taught in class.

Our Competitions are designed to be flexible to suit your needs with minimum work for you, the host school. Many schools have held inter-school Mathletics Competitions where local schools send teams to compete. Your Competition could form part of a cross-curricular maths day or a successful transition event for Secondary schools. Itís really easy to organise! We will co-ordinate the event and send you material to pass on to any other schools involved. Certificates will be presented on the day to all who take part and medals will be awarded to the top performing Mathletes.

Who is it suitable for?

Our Competitions are aimed at pupils from year two upwards.

How many pupils can take part?

As many as you have ICT facilities to cater for! Each pupil will need a computer with internet access in order to take part in the Mathletics Competition.

How long does the Mathletics Competition last?

The Mathletics Competition usually lasts for approximately 2 hours. This includes an introduction, the Competition and announcing the results. We also suggest having a 20 minute break halfway through the Competition.

What have other schools said about the Mathletics Competition?
Sushma Chander
Leader of Learning Ė Mathematics,
St Peterís School
Peter Gallop
Leader of New and Emerging Technology,
Hunnyhill School
How much does it cost?

Itís completely FREE! There will be no charge for the Mathletics Competition providing at least one participating school does not already subscribe to Mathletics.

How do we book a Mathletics Competition?

Please contact 3P Learning on customerservice@3plearning.co.uk or 0117 370 1990. Your Regional Manager will then
get in touch to discuss your requirements.